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Our Policies

If you are interested in lessons, or have signed up for lessons, please about the information listed.  We are happy to have you join Wildlife!

We are in the progress of improving some of our systems, therefore information is subject to change and/or be added

Below is information that is very important. There are answers to the most common questions on here! When you sign up, you are agreeing to these with all information subject to change from Wildlife. The information was based on last session, therefore, it is subject to change. 


We are located at Wilmerding Community Center on Sundays

  • Sundays: Memorial Field, 1, Wilmerding, PA 15148


  • They are schedule yourself through our app (look up Wildlife Water School on the app store)

  • They are free, but not guaranteed 

  • You can switch between types of lessons (exclusions apply)

  • You can only do makeups for the session you are in

  • We do not give refunds 

    • Exception: possibility for individual extraneous circumstances, addressed by a case to case basis, but at least $50 is always nonrefundable 

  • If it it says one spot, that means it’s a group lesson and there is room for only one child 

  • Information is subject to change and addressed by case to case 


  • If you do not fill out a release form, you cannot get into the pool

  • If you think one/all parents may get in, they have to have their own release form 

  • If your child is under 18, please sign you signature under "swimmer signature." Print their name where it says "swimmer's name printed"

  • One per person

  • Must fill out all blanks and must be done online through the link 

  • Forms are located at the top of the page under "forms"



  • Sign in at the front desk, but any payment or forms go to Wildlife

  • Please wait outside the pool area near the door before the start of the lesson

    • If you are late, please just walk right into the pool

  • One parent per child is allowed in the pool area, please stay quiet

Late Check-in

  • If you are not going to be there the first day the session started, you are in charge of turning in your papers and money yourself

    • “Do it yourself” format

  • There will be clipboard right outside the second pool door at Wilmerding. Please sign in on there 

    • Put your contracts in the folder and the money in the bag (located in the gray folder)

  • Wave to Vicky and we are happy to have you here 

Additional  Items

  • Instructors are subject to change, but our goal is to keep consistency to the swimmers who need it most 

  • Swimmers under 3 must wear a swim diaper 

  • Bring googles and a towel to the first lesson 

  • Parents can watch, but keep # of spectators limited

  • Parent will only get in the water during mommy/me class, toddler class, or by request of the parent 

  • Lessons are 30 minutes or an hour long

  • If you have any concerns, please message them directly to Vicky, we are happy to work through anything! 

  • After the first lesson, please message Vicky how it went with suggestions for improvement. We grow through your feedback! 

  • As partners with Wilmerding, we promote their services and gym, so feel free to get a membership there, if you would like!


  • Please message Vicky through remind as primary communication. The new remind link will be linked here closer to the start of session #9.  Vicky is in the water from 1-7pm both days, so she most likely not pick up any calls during that time. Please ask questions in advance.

  • Vicky will send out the remind before the first lesson

  • Please join our Facebook group, check out the water safety post, and stay updated on the posts!

    • Group: Wildlife Water School, LLC​

Late Cancellation for Entire session

  • Any cancellation of a session spot made within 20 days of the first day of the session will incur a $50 late-cancellation fee

  • Payment can be made through Venmo, Zelle, or Check

  • Failure to pay results in the inability to join future sessions at Wildlife

  • If you fail to show up to to your first lesson without prior communication, it will be assumed you are cancelling all your lessons, and will incur the fee

  • This does not include individual lessons of the session, see above for more information

*Disclaimer: All information subject to change at anytime. Exclusions apply. *

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